Origin of the coconut

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The origins of the coconut are subject to discussion. While some authorities show the Southeast Asia (Peninsular region) as their place of origin, others place its origin in northeastern South America.

Whatever its origin, the coconut is spread throughout the tropics, particularly along the tropical coastline. As the coconut itself is very dense and it floats, it can be transported easily by sea currents and travel enormous distances. The coconut palm thrives in the sandy and saline soils in areas with abundant sunlight and regular rains, making the colonization of the plant on the shores of continents near the equator relatively easy.

There are reports of coconut found in countries like Norway, transported by sea currents in the viable state that subsequently germinated in appropriate circumstances. However, in the islands of Hawaii, the coconut is not considered a native fruit, because it was originally brought to the islands long ago by Polynesian travelers from the South Pacific.

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