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In Brazil, it is estimated that the annual consumption exceeds 100 million coconuts. The meat of the coconut is good for the stomach and the intestines due to the amount of fiber.

A coconut tree will live approximately 60 years and generates an average bunch of about 15 coconuts each month. The coconut trees reach an average of 10-30 meters in height, depending on the variety of coconut.

The word also means a coconut rollick of Northeastern folklore, song and dance in syncopate in double and in circles.

In Brazil, the use of coconut milk in food is a cultural heritage left by the slaves who came from Mozambique.

In Timor, the coconut water is a liquid sacred used to bless the crops of corn. In World War II the coconut water was injected as an IV in soldiers who had severe dehydration. It has composition similar to that of plasma. The coconut water can sometimes be used as saline (only in cases of extreme need).

The coconut has been the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of the islands of the South Pacific for hundreds of years. There the coconut palm tree is known as the tree of life. In some communities, representing 50 to 60% of daily calories ingested.

For those who believe in counting calories, it is surprising that the coconut water contains low-calorie : a glass of 8 oz has 45 ca lories. The meat or flesh of fruit (inner white part) has the high caloric content. A piece of 1 ounces of coconut equals approximately 100 calories.

In India, the fermented coconut water is used as protein supplement in school meal, increases were observed in school performance and stature of children.

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