Benefits of water and coconut oil

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Coconut water is considered a natural isotonic to be rich in minerals. The presence of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium in coconut water provides a more rapid absorption, recovering the losses of these minerals in the urine and skin. Furthermore, the coconut water is the only commercially available natural isotonic beverage. Therefore, it is ideal to replace the fluid lost in physical activities and also for recovery in cases of dehydration, as a good serum plant. For this reason, the coconut water is also indicated in cases of diarrhea or vomiting.

Another benefit of coconut water is in the fight against cholesterol problems and high blood pressure, cramps, muscle pain, since the water tends to decrease the heart rate and control the amount of sodium and fluid throughout the body.

The coconut oil or coconut oil is an oil (or oil) plant also known as coconut butter grease is a substance that contains about 90% of saturated acids extracted by pressing the pulp or core of the coconut (Cocos nucifera ), is used much in the cosmetics industry (for preparation of soaps and creams) and can also see on the cuisine of some Asian countries.

The extra virgin coconut oil is a 100% natural product of plant origin. It solidifies below 25°C, it is cold pressed, is not subjected to the process of refining and deodorization, and extracted from the flesh of fresh coconut by physical processes, through the stages of crushing, pressing and triple filtration. Your index reaches a maximum acidity of 0.5%, which characterizes as an extra virgin oil.

The coconut oil is a food supplement with many beneficial properties for health, providing strengthening of the immune system, facilitating the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Various substances are found in coconut oil, including the essential fatty acids and glycerol, which is important for the body - with him the body produces saturated and unsaturated fatty acids according to their needs. The palmoil extravirgem presents a high level of lauric acid, myristic, and caprylic, among others. The lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid, which is transformed into the human body monolaurina.

The content of saturated fat of coconut oil is similar to human milk, which means it is easy to digest, generating energy quickly, with beneficial effect on the immune system. When subjected to high temperatures, the extra virgin coconut oil does not lose its nutritional characteristics, being regarded as a stable oil. It also considered the most healthy to cook, showed no trans fat generated by the process of hydrogenation, which is present in vegetable oils such as soybean, canola, corn and even of the olive. For cooking, there is more oil, as helps keep the weight, decreases the cholesterol and protects against cardiovascular disease. Remember that only the extra virgin olive oil is healthy for the lower level of cholesterol.

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