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The coconut can also be used in crafts. The shell of the coconut, discarded after removal of the water, can be used in the production of endless forms of dress and artifacts like sticks of coconut, wood, fabric, etc.. Several products are created such as: earrings, strands, bracelets, lamps, spoons, shells, forks, bottles, cups, Presila, predendores of hair, coconut earrings, bracelets, necklace, stick, plates, rings, sugar, bikinis, belts , coin door, etc..

Another very common use of coconut is the replacement of xaxim (fern-a�u), a native plant whose habitat is the Mata Atlantica, which in turn gives this plant a mild climate, while on the rocky ground, a permanent moisture content . The xaxim is a plant that is usually under native trees protect it from sunlight, and are developed within the natural landscape of this nursery.

Already endangered and prohibited extraction has been widely sold in garden stores, and currently is being replaced by coconut fiber, which in addition to environmentally correct, has the advantage of the release of landfill bark of fruit, a raffle with great potential for recycling.

The coconut fiber, combined with latex, also serves to manufacture parts for the automotive industry and products.

The use of coconut fiber can be particularly suited to gardening as an anti-fungus. As the material is completely homogeneous, composed of micro-sponges that absorb and store up to eight times its own weight, is an excellent retainer of water, thus, hydration and aeration of the plants.

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