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Florida coconuts will serve your tropical party guests fresh coconut water. We do pig roasts, Indian weddings, Hawaiin Luau party events, Tropical parties with decorations of fresh banana leaves and bamboo. Please call us  for your next tropical event. (954) 297-6677

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coconut flowers at the Indian wedding ceremony

Hi Mr. Larry

Here are a couple of photos taken of the coconut flowers at the wedding ceremony. Good Luck with your toddy project.

Dr. Vijay Menon
Sat, 26 Jun 2010 

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Fresh coconuts contain both refreshing, potassium/electrolyte-laden coconut water and small amount of soft jelly-like immature coconut meat. Drink the coconut water by itself or as part of a refreshing beverage, and use the meat in salads and diced or blended into beverages.

Coconut water is fat free, delicious, and a great way to rehydrate after strenuous physical activity. It offers potassium, minerals and electrolytes in quantities that can exceed popular brands of sports drinks. An extremely popular beverage in Central America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific.

Each coconut can contain up to two cups of water, plus a small amount of meat.

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The fastest coconut opening tool

Opening a young coconut has never been so easy to as with this brazilian stainless steel tool. Pop the cap off of the green coconut and push the point all the way into the center where the cap was. Then turn the tool a few times around like a cork bottle opener. Pull the tool out and out comes the "coconut cork". No knives, drills, rocks or machetes are needed!

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Benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is considered a natural isotonic to be rich in minerals. The presence of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium in coconut water provides a more rapid absorption, recovering the losses of these minerals in the urine and skin.

Furthermore, the coconut water is the only natural isotonic drink! Therefore, it is ideal to restore the lost fluid after the physical activities and the recovery in cases of dehydration as a good serum plant.


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